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Apple iPhone 8 Back Glass Replacements & Housing

If you've cracked the glass panel on the rear of your iPhone, it can be a challenging part to replace. We offer iPhone 8 back glass replacements in every colour, including white, black, rose gold and red.

Damaging your iPhone 8 back glass may not directly affect how you use your phone but can be unsightly, as well as dangerous as slivers of glass can fall out. If you've still got a perfectly working iPhone 8 with a broken back cover that you're not ready to part with, Repair Outlet has what you need.

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Your iPhone 8 rear glass repair service options

  1. Carrying out an iPhone 8 back glass replacement is a tough task. The adhesive used to fuse the iPhone together can only be removed by professional-quality machines, so typically this phone repair is not carried out at home.
  2. Our iPhone repair pricing is charged at a flat rate of £70 and includes delivery to and from our repair shop. Our professional refurbishment team 

How Our Send-In Back Glass Replacement Service Works:

  1. Select the iPhone 8 replacement back glass in your chosen colour
  2. Add the Send-In Fitting Service to your basket
  3. We will contact you to arrange collection
  4. Securely package your device
  5. Your device will be collected and shipped to us next-day by DPD
  6. Our experts will fit and test the device to ensure everything is working
  7. We will then ship the device back to you same-day

For all parts, our mobile phone repair process typically takes around 3-4 working days from order.


How much does it cost to replace back glass on an iPhone 8?

Since official Apple repair doesn't extend to back glass-only repairs on iPhone models older than the 12 and 13, you'll need to have your back glass replacement carried out by a third-party service like the one provided by Repair Outlet. For both the rear glass and the phone repair, our cost is £80, making it a much more affordable option than replacing your handset.

​Can iPhone 8 back glass be replaced?

iPhone 8 back glass can be replaced but doing so will void Apple's official warranty. However, as the repair isn't carried out by Apple, this is the best way to extend the life of your handset for longer. All our back glass options are rigorously tested to the same standards as Apple products and come with a 12-month warranty to give you extra peace of mind on any repairs you complete.

Can I do my iPhone back glass repair myself?

Most iPhone repairs can be carried out at home but replacing the rear cover of your iPhone is more challenging due to the manufacturing techniques used to put it together. To remove the glass rear of the iPhone 8, you must either use a laser machine or extreme heat that can damage the other components of the device, such as the wireless charging coil in the base of the phone.

If you aren't proficient at mobile phone repairs or don't have access to the right tools, you might want to consider replacing the entire housing of the device to avoid the need for removing the glass.

What other replacement parts does Repair Outlet offer?

Repair Outlet stocks high-quality iPhone parts for most models, including iPhone screen repair options, camera lenses, home buttons and charging ports.