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Mobile Phone Tools

Thinking of repairing your own mobile phone? If so you're going to need the right mobile phone tools! But which ones do you need? Repairing a phone is not always straightforward, so you'll need various appliances in your kit.

But how do you know what you'll need to get started? What equipment should you use for each job? Fear not, we've got an awesome selection of phone repair tools that'll allow you to do effective repairs to your mobile.

If you're wondering which tools you should have in your kit and how to choose them, we've got the answers and more, in the sections below!


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What are mobile phone tools used for?

Being able to fix your own device is a very handy skill. Mobile phone repair tools will allow you to fix your phone and save on those expensive repair bills! Not only that, but it will also save on time.

Common mobile phone repair tools

Cleaning tools

The first thing you'll find in a mobile phone tool kit is cleaning tools. Our anti-static wipes and brushes are perfect for getting rid of dust, residue, and grime.

Cleaner spray is also an essential part of your kit! Keep your workspace free from oil, dust, grease, and other stubborn substances.

Soldering tools

Soldering is a common practice in mobile phone repair. Our wide selection of soldering products means you'll be fully equipped.

A soldering iron is another must-have tool. When choosing an iron, make sure you have different tips to match the specific repair work you're doing. Complete your kit with some soldering wire, as this means you'll be able to solder different components.

Tool kits

Unfortunately, mobile phones don't last forever. You'll inevitably have to replace some components, so making sure you have spare parts handy is super important.

Ensuring that you have parts such as spare batteries, jack ports and frames will mean your kit is complete! Just be sure to have the appropriate parts for your phone brand, whether it's an Android or an iPhone.

If you're a phone repair beginner, or you don't have the budget to buy individual items, our tool kits make perfect purchases. Our kits have everything you need to start your repairs!

Once you've bought one of our kits, you can always keep adding to it as you become more skilled. Start growing your collection today!

How to select the right repair tools

Selecting the right mobile phone repair tools is essential if you want to perform effective and professional-level repairs. Consider the type of phone you have. As we mentioned before, the equipment you'll need will depend on whether you have an Android or IOS.

Take into account the age of your device as well. An older model will have a removable back that makes it easy to replace the battery. However, newer designs have covers that are firmly stuck on, meaning you'll need a specialist heat gun to remove it.

Find mobile phone repair tools today

You'll find all of the mobile phone repair tools and accessories you'll need thanks to our wide range of products. We stock many different brands and everything you need to perform effective repairs can be found on our website, along with information on each item.