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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


If you're running a repair business, then you'll know exactly where we're coming from. One of the most difficult parts of running any business is customer services. Given the very nature of the department, you tend to live in a world where you only ever deal with problems. From couriers letting you down to human error, to things that aren't even your responsibility. As the face of the business it's key that you are approachable, efficient and empathetic and good at problem solving. We're really lucky to have such a talented team here. They're an enthusiastic, positive bunch who are always willing to bend over backwards to get the job done. This week we were lucky enough to get some feedback from one of our customers, which was more than positive and a well deserved pat on the back for our hard working customer services Team. 

"I would like to say a huge big thank you to the repair outlet team

As some of you may know, I am only 19 years old. I started this business one year ago although my first order was on the 17th of August. That was a trial month before the business started up officially in November 2020.

I have no technology background whatsoever. I am a junior chef which a lot of people get surprised with when I tell them.

I would like to personally thank Adam, Haley, Chloe and Jada for your
amazing customer service as I make 21 phone calls a month to you guys with random questions and inquiries.😂😂

A big thank you to the technician for pointing me in the right direction as to where to get device blueprints that was very helpful, and it has
progressed me in getting a lot more business so thank you for that.

Thank you to everyone for the amazing work you have done to keep it up and I promise to limit my phone calls with inquiries this coming year..."

This message highlights why we do what we do. The community that is integral to the industry is one that is friendly, helpful and generally a good place to be.

Because this story was exactly the lift we needed this week, we've taken it upon ourselves to send a gift out to this customer, who will be receiving a personalised Precision screwdriver set. From all of the team at head office, thanks for taking the time out of your day to spread some positivity. 

Special Gift

Have you had a good experience with our team? We'd love to hear from you! Let us know by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram or by filling out our Contact Form.

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Jaroslaw - December 22, 2021

I am very satisfied with Repair Outlet services quickly and professionally.

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