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Apple iPad Air 3 (2019) Parts

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  • For iPad Air 3 Touch Screen LCD (Black)-Repair Outlet
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    For iPad Air 3 Touch Screen LCD (Black)

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    For iPad Air 3 Touch Screen LCD (Black) Manufacturer: OEM Colour: Black Warranty: 12 Months  Compatibility: Apple iPad Air 3 (iPad Air 3rd Generati...

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    £144.99 Incl. VAT
    £120.83 Excl. VAT
    Out of stock


What replacement parts can I get for my iPad Air 3?

The sad reality is that most of us will have experienced at some point in our lives that feeling of dread when you drop your phone or iPad to find the screen has cracked or a button has broken. At Repair Outlet we prepare for every eventuality, by providing all replacement parts you may need.

The iPad Air 3 parts currently available to you are for the;

  • Front Camera
  • Volume Flex
  • Headphone Jack Flex
  • Power Button Flex
  • Home Button Flex
  • Battery
  • Charging Port Dock Connector Flex
  • Rear Camera
  • Touch Screen LCD


The replacement parts also come in a variety of colours to ensure your product looks good as new. We offer a wide choice of parts - can't see the one you need? Just let us know by phone or email, and we can have your part in stock ASAP.

Has the iPad Air 3 been discontinued?

Yes, the iPad Air 3 was discontinued in September 2020, following the announcement of the iPad Air 4, which was due to be released the following month.

However, here at Repair Outlet, we don't believe in simply disposing of the old model and getting the newest product. We also understand that for many people, simply going in and purchasing a new device every time there is an update is not an option.

That is why we sell refurbished devices, including the iPad Air 3 - to reduce needless waste of products, and to make the most of your money!

For more details, head to our website to out what refurbished devices we have available online and in-store.

Does it cost a lot to repair an Apple iPad Air 3?

We understand the stress of breaking your device. Your first thought is - "can I afford to fix this?"

At Repair Outlet, we want to make things cheap and easy for you. That is why our replacement parts for the iPad Air 3 starts from as little as £2.99! Our focusing on specific parts makes repairing your device more economical and sustainable.

You then have the choice to receive just the parts or to send in your iPad Air 3 to one of our stores for our experts to fix for you - our repairs are usually under £60!

What is the warranty on an iPad Air 3?

Even when buying second-hand products, we believe you deserve first-class standards. However, we understand that one of the reservations often had when purchasing refurbished items are about the quality and reliability of the products.

We want to give our customers the best security and reassurance possible, which is why we ensure that all of our items are tested for signs of wear, and are in great working conditions.

As well as that, when you purchase your iPad Air 3, it will also come with a 12-month warranty for your reassurance and peace of mind.

Is the iPad Air 3 worth buying?

The iPad Air 3 model is the next most recent in the Apple iPad Air series, after the iPad 4. Where the iPad Air devices may not have as many technical features as that of the iPad Pro series, its light and thin design make it easy to store and transport - the perfect purchase for the busy and on-the-go user.

The iPad Air 3 is also compatible with the Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard.

What are the different parts of an iPad?

There are many parts that make up an iPad Air 3 - unfortunately, that also means there are many parts that can get damaged and might need repairing! If you're curious about these parts, just read our earlier FAQ on the parts we offer.

Luckily for you, at Repair Outlet we are able to provide repairs for all of these parts! Whether that be for your iPad Air 3, or any other phone, tablet or device that may need replacing.