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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Parts

Are you sick of your smashed screen? Want to have your phone truly mobile again? At Repair Outlet, we specialise in the best iPhone 8 plus parts on the market.

Whatever the details of your repair, we'll be sure to help you out. Why not join hundreds of our other happy customers by choosing Repair Outlet for your replacement products from our extensive stock room, or why not ask one of our experienced technicians to carry out the repairs for you!

We send out 1000-1500 parts a day with same day dispatch available, too.

How to know if your iPhone needs repairing

It can be hard to know when your device needs a fix. Whatever the model we have a solution or replacement part that will transform your phone without needing to pay out hundreds for a new model.

Faulty home button

The iPhone 8 plus is the last of the Apple iPhone family to have a visible home button. Losing your home button function can be detrimental to the function of your phone. At Repair Outlet, we sell home buttons for your iPhone 8 plus for under £10!

Cracked screen

A cracked screen can make using your iPhone 8 Plus very difficult. Even if the crack is only small, these are prone to expanding and breaking further if not addressed quickly. If you have a web of cracks that make even reading messages difficult, then you know how important a fixed screen is.

Poor battery performance

When your iPhone battery stops working, it can be frustrating. When there is a fault with the battery you can usually tell by your phone not holding a charge or dying more frequently.

iPhone 8 Plus parts

Replacement screens

Losing your display can be devastating for your iPhone 8 plus. All our replacements are LCD screen items that can be repaired with ease by our technicians.

They will restore your device back to its full functionality, including full display and touch capabilities.

All our screens come with a screen protector and warranty included. As changing a screen requires certain specialist tools, why not consider a repair done by us?


All our products have been tested to match or exceed the device specifications set by Apple. While the repair of this replacement part is simple, we recommend hiring a professional.

Our parts are all dispatched the same day as standard if your orders are placed before 3 pm.

Small parts

Apple is infamous for filling their products with small, hard to replace items. We keep all the small items in stock to make your repair as stress-free as possible, and if that wasn't enough we offer a lifetime warranty and tracking on your orders, from your online account.

Where to find iPhone 8 Plus replacement parts

We are a former parts wholesale company.  Our dedicated team of 20 staff have over 150 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured we can offer advice on any problem or repair you might need help with.

Our stock of products is extensive, though if you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch! We have a dedicated sourcing team that will be happy to provide you with the information you need.

Get in touch with us over the phone, email or in our live chat (during business hours). We have a team of some of the country's best technicians to help you with any repairs you might need help with, including micro-soldering issues which could write your phone off with one of our competitors!