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Apple iPhone 6S Plus Parts

What would you do if your iPhone 6s broke today? Manufacturer repairs can be expensive and cost more than your phone is worth, especially if it's out of warranty.

We offer the perfect solution by having all compatible iPhone 6s Plus parts in stock so you can fix your phone yourself. Our reliable parts are competitively priced, so, won't break the bank.

This guide will help you discover which iPhone replacement parts you should add to your cart.

How to know if your iPhone 6s Plus needs new parts

If your iPhone 6s Plus is not performing at its best, then this is a sign that something is wrong.

Why replace a worn iPhone part?

  • Cheaper to repair yourself than replace
  • Saves you money if your iPhone is out of warranty
  • Ensures your phone has a longer lifespan

Broken home button

It's a disaster if the home button of this iPhone model breaks, as you'll be left unable to view your menu and home page.

How to check if your iPhone 6 Plus home button is broken:

  • Re-calibrate your phone
  • Clean the button with cotton wool and alcohol
  • Turn on assistive touch for a temporary solution

If you are still unable to use this button, then it's time to add a new one to your shopping cart.

Cracked screen

Damage to your screen might start as a tiny chip but can quickly progress to a shattered display. Screen damage can leave your phone nonfunctional and dangerous to use.

Contact us with more details, and we can help you decide if you need a replacement.

Did you know that we also stock a perfectly fitting screen protector to prevent any future damage?

Faulty charging cable

Frustratingly, Apple chargers have a reputation for breaking. Signs of a faulty charger include:

  • Battery not charging.
  • Visible damage to your cable.
  • Still not charging after cleaning the charging port.
  • Not responding to a forced restart.

If this sounds like your cable, then it is time to add a new replacement part to your cart.

Common iPhone 6s Plus replacement parts

Our shop stocks all of the replacement items that you could need to repair your device.

We also have all the necessary tools you may need to complete the repair. Just add a tool kit to one of your orders to get started.

Screen replacement

Our screens are compatible with every iPhone 6s Plus model and will get your device working to its full potential again. They feature:

  • LCD and Touch Panel Digitiser
  • Retina HD and 3D touch
  • 5.5 inch LED Widescreen
  • 1920x1080 pixel resolution

Customers love that they can pick from white or black to ensure a perfect match.


If your battery has let you down, then one of our products is proven to match or exceed your original battery capacity.

They feature:

  • 2750mAh capacity
  • 3.8 volts
  • 10.45 Watt Hours

Reliable battery life is essential to keep your phone working.

Other parts

We also stock all other iPhone products that you might need.

  • Replacement Housing
  • Front and Rear Cameras
  • Charging Port, Jack, and Microphone Flex
  • Power Button

Find the parts you need for your iPhone 6s Plus today

Our shop has every iPhone 6 accessory in stock. Find the Apple iPhone 6s Plus parts that you need today and add them to your cart with one simple click.

Why shop with us?

  • Same day dispatch
  • Next day delivery
  • Price match promise

Unsure which items you need? Contact our customer services for more information. Call us or use our live chat for an instant response.