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Apple iPhone X Parts

The iPhone X is one of the most recent smartphone devices launched by Apple. When there are parts that need to be sorted out, it is cheaper to buy all the needed spares at a decent price and fix them on your own instead of getting them sent in for expensive repairs - we're here to help you with this!

iPhone X parts can include a new display, a new and improved system and graphics performance, a glass back, wireless charging, and upgraded cameras, all of which you will find stocked at Repair Outlet.

  • For Apple iPhone X/XS Front Screen Assembly Adhesive-Repair Outlet
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    For Apple iPhone X/XS Front Screen Assembly Adhesive

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    Custom cut iPhone X/XS adhesive film secures the display assembly to the housing of an iPhone X/XS.

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How to know if your phone needs repair work

You may need an iPhone X screen protector or an entirely new replacement if your iPhone does not appear to be working. Furthermore, if your phone does not seem to be operating correctly, it might need a spare part to make it function normally.

Common iPhone X replacement parts

Screen replacements

Do you need an iPhone X screen replacement? Out of all the Apple products, this is the most popular item to buy as a singular part to repair your phone, at a slightly cheaper price than leaving your phone in a replacement shop.

There is a good inventory of iPhone X screen replacement items that come at a good price. Buying specific products to fix this issue is an inexpensive way to repair your device.


Batteries are imperative for your iPhone X to be able to work. An iPhone X replacement battery is a great way to repair your device for a decent price. These are the tools that work for your particular model of iPhone to get good functioning results.

Small parts

Apple replacement small parts are all tested to rigorous standards and backed by a warranty. Most iPhone X repairs are made to replace cracked screens and replace dead batteries for your model.

Once you have ordered your parts, make sure you watch a step-by-step guide for information on how to insert the parts correctly. Read every page of the instructions to not damage your phone further.

Charging cables

Portable cables are important for charging your phone constantly. These regularly break down or we are prone to losing them, so replacement services need to be available for this problem.

Other types of cables that go with an iPhone X include lightning to USB cables, interconnect cables, flash cables, and audio control cables.

Why you need high-quality parts

If your phone does not show signs of working and orders for replacement parts need to be made, you must make sure they are of high quality and come at a decent price. Warranty is offered for all items in all categories.

If you do not have high-quality components, your iPhone X will cease to work properly. Beware of cheap products at a low price because these will most likely stop working quickly and show faults at an early stage.

Where to find iPhone X parts today

Be sure to visit Repair Outlet for Apple iPhone X parts which include replacement screens, batteries, and small parts, at competitive rates!