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Apple iPad Mini 4 (2014) Parts

Here you can find high quality spare parts for the Apple iPad Mini 4 (2014) at competitive rates. We offer a wide range of spare parts include replacement screens, batteries and small parts. If you can't find a specific part for the Apple iPad Mini 4 (2014), please contact our customer services team via phone on 0800 9709427 or via live chat.

All parts are dispatched same day (weekdays order before 3pm) and are backed by our 12 month warranty as standard.


Is the iPad Mini 4 worth buying?

Absolutely. While the iPad Mini 4 isn't Apple's current generation miniature iPad, it's still an excellent, pocket-powerhouse of a device and one of the best top-brand miniature tablet computers available.

Pressingly, the Mini 4 comes with many of the features you'd expect of its larger brethren and yet slips seamlessly into your handbag or backpack.

You can count on up to 128GB of storage, 10 hours of battery life, and what's more, the Mini 4's 7.9 inch, LED-backlit screen is a thing of beauty. So whether you're watching a movie, surfing the web, or playing a game, this little firecracker could be the mini-tablet for you.

Is the iPad Mini 4 a better device than the iPad Mini 5?

On a purely technical basis, no. Apple is a prodigious developer of hardware and prides itself on introducing updated devices to the market on a regular basis. As such, the Ipad Mini 5 represents an upgrade to its predecessor.

However, by no means does that suggest you shouldn't consider purchasing an iPad Mini 4. As stated above, this model packs a powerful punch and comes with all the guarantees you'd expect of a top-brand device.

Furthermore, the Mini 4 is still supported by the company and thus can take any current software updates they roll out. Perhaps more pressingly, though, the iPad Mini 4 can offer a substantial saving for those looking to purchase a miniature tablet on a budget.

Still priced out? We prepare and sell premium refurbished Minis, so take a look!

What replacement parts can I get for my iPad Mini 4?

We at Repair Outlet offer a wide range of replacement iPad Mini 4 parts. Regularly stocked items include: touch screen digitisers, replacement batteries, lightening dock connectors and more!

It's also important to note that we receive new, Apple-brand replacement parts on a daily basis, so if we don't have the right parts for your device, make sure you check back regularly.

Is it expensive to repair an iPad Mini?

The price of iPad Mini repair varies greatly depending on the type and number of replacement parts that you need. For example, we sell high-quality replacement touch screen digitisers for £92.99 whereas if your device simply needs a new headphone jack, it'll set you back just £2.99 (plus shipping).

Similarly, if you're confident (and skilled) enough to conduct the repair yourself, once you have the necessary replacement parts, you needn't spend any more money to fix your iPad Mini. However, if you would like us to fit the part for you, then we will gladly do so for a small fee.

Does the iPad Mini 4 come with a warranty?

If you were to purchase an iPad Mini 4 direct from Apple, then you'd automatically qualify for their Limited Year Warranty. This means that, from the date of purchase, your device is covered for defects and faults for a full year.

Pertinently, however, as the iPad Mini 4 is no longer Apple's current-generation iPad Mini, you will struggle to locate a new device on the highstreet. With that in mind, warranties may vary depending on where you source your device.

Can I repair my iPad Mini 4 at home?

Of course! If you have the ability (and parts), there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't conduct your iPad Mini 4 repair at home.

That being said, no matter what level of experience you have, we do recommend you contact our tech team before starting any repair job. They will both offer guidance and ensure that you have the iPad Mini 4 parts and tools necessary to successfully fix your item.

With that in mind, you'll find any replacement parts or tools you need on our website. Just pop them in your basket and we'll get them to you as soon as possible!

You can contact our team Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5.30 pm, via e-mail, telephone or live webchat. You'll find all the details on our website.