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Apple iPad Air 2 (2015) Parts

The iPad Air 2 boasted impressive tools and specifications in 2015 when it was first released - this is why it's still such a great tablet model to own. If you find that your iPad Air is faulty and needs a repair, the best place to purchase your replacement parts and products is here, at Repair Outlet!

Here you can find high-quality spare parts for the Apple iPad Air 2 (2015) at competitive rates. We offer a wide range of spare parts include replacement screens, batteries and small parts. If you can't find a specific part for the Apple iPad Air 2 (2015), please contact our customer services team via phone on 0800 9709427 or via live chat.

All parts are dispatched the same day (weekdays order before 3 pm) and are backed by our 12-month warranty as standard.


Can you still buy the iPad Air 2?

The iPad Air 2 isn't available to be purchased through Apple anymore, but other retailers continue to stock this amazing tablet, and for a good reason. Combining a better screen, power, improved designs and an upgrade in OS compared to the previous model, the iPad Air 2 still provides great results for its users.

The app ecosystem is much better than that found on Android, and now with improved IOS, the iPad Air 2 seamlessly scales apps, bringing those low-resolution iPhone apps to life.

Even in today's market, the iPad Air 2 model is competing against the newer Apple products. With amazing spec, power, and design, it seems to be a device with little to no flaws.

Can I repair my iPad Air 2 at home?

If your iPad Air 2 needs repairing, but you don't want to pay the extra fee of getting a technician to do it, replacement parts can be delivered straight to your home. If you are struggling at any point, the Repair Outlet team are never too far away.

With over 20 full-time staff members and over 150 years of combined experience, your questions will surely be answered regarding anything from product fitting, iPad air 2 set up and much more.

To contact you can reach us by email, telephone, or through our live online chat room, open through regular business hours.

Why is my iPad Air not working?

Your iPad Air could stop working for several reasons, not all so obvious - loss of home, volume, and lock button connectivity are common. This may be dust or debris caught behind the button or something entirely different but can result in further damages if not dealt with straight away.

Battery life is one of the main iPad Air 2 parts that will need replacing. You may find that your charge doesn't last as long as it previously did or that you get to 30%, and then your iPad Air 2 shuts down.

Replacement parts such as a new battery are easy to replace, and with Repair Outlet, you'll be covered with a 12-month warranty guaranteeing your iPad will be back to its old self no matter the product you need.

What replacement parts are available for the iPad Air 2?

At Repair Outlet, we stock a wide range of iPad Air 2 parts, so no matter the problem, your device can be back in tip-top condition quickly!

Parts such as batteries, button parts, charging ports, headphone jacks, camera parts, digitizers and LCDs are available and come with a 12-month warranty as standard with every purchase.

All replacement parts are dispatched the very same day if ordered before 3 pm on weekdays.

How much does it cost to repair an iPad?

iPad Air 2 replacement parts and products come at a range of prices; it all depends on the kind of job you need to complete. Charging and headphone ports, home buttons, volume replacements can all be found under £10, with in house repairs costing a little extra.

If you're looking for a bigger repair job such as tablet touch screen repair or battery replacement, you will be looking to spend a little extra. Still, all our prices are competitive, assuring you that you will be receiving the best deal around, and all products come with a 12-month warranty.

How can I tell when my iPad Air 2 needs repairing?

So how can you tell that your iPad Air 2 model needs repairing? This is a very ambiguous question, but there are many telltale signs, one being a cracked, unresponsive screen.

Heavy use of any tablet touch screen can result in unresponsiveness - maybe it has taken a fall, and the screen has cracked, distressing all visibility of your screen. At Repair Outlet, we provide both products and repair services from our expert technicians who have all the tools to bring your iPad Air 2 model back to life.