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Apple iPhone 11 Replacement Screens

A replacement iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro screen can be costly but, for those who haven’t owned their handset for very long, a cracked screen may not be enough to warrant purchasing a new phone. Whether your screen is covered in cracks, missing glass or simply unsightly, our genuine Apple refurb and high-quality aftermarket iPhone 11 screens can have your phone looking its best for an affordable price.

Many of our products come with a 12-month warranty as standard, meaning you can make your repairs with peace of mind.

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Most of our iPhone 11 screen replacement sets come complete with a touch screen digitiser and fitting frame so that you can have a smooth screen replacement experience with a fresh, smooth-functioning touch screen. Plus, if you don’t feel comfortable replacing your iPhone 11 screen yourself then our expertly trained team is more than happy to help.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective iPhone repair option then opting for an LCD or OLED screen from us is a great value way to get your broken mobile looking brand new again for only a fraction of the cost of a new iPhone 11. 

This model doesn’t include a home button so there are fewer small parts to transfer than previous iPhones, however, with most of our sets, you will need to transfer the front camera brackets, front camera and earpiece and bracket. If you’re in need of other iPhone 11 small parts, Repair Outlet has everything you need to complete your repair.

iPhone 11 Screen Repair Services - Your 2 Refurbishment Choices

1. Replacing your iPhone screen yourself is a low-cost way of repairing your device if you have the know-how. It’s a popular choice for our customers that want the replacement screen sent directly to them hassle-free for a convenient and affordable fix.

To help with your DIY screen replacement we offer tool kits available to add-on at purchase so that you are fully equipped to master your own repairs.

2. If you don’t feel confident completing your iPhone 11 screen replacement yourself then you can upgrade to our send-in mobile phone repair service where our expert in-house screen replacement team can repair your iPhone stress-free.

How Our Send-In Screen Replacement Service Works:

  1. Select an iPhone 11 screen and select the fitting option.
  2. Place your order online.
  3. We will contact you to arrange collection.
  4. Package your device securely.
  5. DPD will collect the device from you and ship it to our repair shop next day.
  6. Our expert technicians will fit your new screen and test everything is working.
  7. We will then ship the device back to you same-day.

The turnaround time for the whole repair process is around 3-4 working days from order.


What is the iPhone 11 screen repair cost in the UK?

You can purchase a great value complete iPhone 11 Replacement Retina LCD Screen & Digitiser from us for £54.99. Or, if you don’t fancy DIY you can send your phone to us to have the screen replaced stress-free by our expert team for an additional £70.

Can an iPhone 11 screen be replaced easily?

Replacing your phone screen is relatively straightforward if you have the tools and the patience needed to make the repair. However, it can be quite fiddly work and requires precision to get in spot-on, which is why a lot of our customers opt to send in their iPhone 11 for a fitting by our expert team so that you’ll be guaranteed perfect screen replacement results. 

What is an iPhone 11 screen digitizer?

Simply put, the digitizer is the part of the touchscreen below the glass that registers touch interactions and sends instructive signals to your device. It’s the built-in part of the screen that makes it ‘touchable’.

What other Apple iPhone parts do you stock?

We have genuine and aftermarket Apple parts for almost every iPhone model available. These parts include iPhone 11 battery replacements, iPhone 11 back glass replacement and small parts like back and front cameras, microphones and speakers.