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Refurbished Devices

Let's face it - we've all been in a phone store, looked around and thought nope, too expensive for my wallet!

We understand that not everyone can afford a brand new phone (especially iPhones). They can cost anything from £400-£1,000 and not everyone has that money hanging around.

Repair Outlet is the king of refurbished devices. We refurbish phones and get them functioning like new. All items come fully-tested, with a warranty, and at a much lower price, saving you money!

All phones are certified, and each device is unlocked & subject to an 88 point quality check.

Choose from the latest phones, like the Apple iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy models, OnePlus, Google Pixel, and more.

You can have the same mobile, same quality, same operating system, different price. It is a no brainer!


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What is a refurbished device?

A refurbished phone goes through a thorough refurbishment process. The testing process consists of replacing parts of the used model with genuine manufacturer parts to make the handset as good as new.

The term refurbished doesn't necessarily mean the pre-owned device was previously faulty. It can be that a customer bought the phone from the shop, changed their mind and returned it - this cannot be sold as new and is determined as refurbished.

All refurbished phones go through a quality phone test, come with a certificate of functionality, and a 12-month warranty.

Why buy a refurbished phone?

Why pay more, when you could pay less? People buy refurbished products and especially phones because of the bargain price-tag and like-new state.

Every product comes with the same accessories, USB charging cable, warranty, and has been tested to be in working order.

Every phone you buy through our site comes with delivery options. We make sure you get to use the phone as quickly as possible at your location.

The difference between refurbished phones and brand new mobile phones

With a new mobile phone, you are sure that it is factory sealed, tested, and was never used. With a refurbished phone, you know that it was bought, opened by other customers, and returned as unwanted.

Set aside the amount of money you save when buying it refurbished. The rest of the accessories are the same.

Where to buy a like-new refurbished device

Repair Outlet has all the up-to-date and best like-new items available on the market. Like the refurbished iPhone XS or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, save over £500 on each of them. Deals like this don't last long and sell out quickly.

We have an excellent rating on TrustPilot from customer satisfaction experience and reviews.

All items are tested for working order, signs of wear, come with a 12-month warranty, and a USB charging cable. All items come with product information and have next day delivery. Visit our shop online or in-store to see our great selection of products!