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Our New Partnership With RELX

Our New Partnership With RELX

At Repair Outlet, we're always looking for ways to help our customers thrive. That's why we're pleased to announce our new partnership with RELX!

RELX is a well established vaping brand, who are all about providing tomorrow's vaping solutions, with advanced technology and design, ethically.

In the age of online shopping, we know that one of the challenges for our trade customers, who have a store-front, is how to drive footfall to the shop. Our partnership with RELX is designed to do exactly that. With the opportunity to be listed on their store locator, ongoing discount, and even a store 'Display Kit' which comes with everything you need worth Insert price here for free!

With both the UK government and NHS championing vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking or as an aid in giving up, the popularity has increased dramatically. RELX are one of the most recognisable brands in the industry. Staunch supporters of the Guardian Programme they put the safety of their users before their profits. They've invested in lots of articles to discuss the pros and cons of vaping, how to give up smoking and much more. We'll be sharing these with you, so that you can pass on the correct information to your customers.

All of our customers will get access to the RELX products, however we also have a RELX Authorised Retailer Programme, which you can apply for by clicking below and filling out the form. If you become a part of the programme, you will get access to the below additional benefits.

  • Free Store 'Display Kit' worth RRP £400
    The Display Kit is made up of a display stand and corresponding stock, worth a total of £400. Only while stocks last.
  • Priority supply,
    Never be out of stock of the most popular flavours, with priority access.
  • No Minimum order quantity,
    Order what you want, when you need it, with no minimum order requirements, you can top up when you want.
  • Additional discount,
    No haggling, just the best price, guaranteed.
  • Get listed on the RELX store locator,
    Get your store advertised for you, by RELX on their site. Driving people to your store.

To qualify for the Display kits, please fill out an enquiry, you will be charged £20.00 upfront for your display kit, which will then be credited back to you in the form of vouchers for stock to the same value, to be redeemed when topping up the stand. We've limited supply on the starter kits, so click below to get your enquiry started.

Click here to start your enquiry. To check out the RELX range you can click here.

RELX are built around a design philosophy, to find the right balance of aesthetic deign to give a phenomenal user experience. With this philosophy at their core, they take simple objects and turn them into something that brings the user pleasure, not only in the form, but the function too. Having invested heavily in research and development, they are market leaders when it comes to product innovation, perfecting trademarks such as Super Smooth, they have created whole processes to perfect the atomisation process to produce vapour. That's just one example though, with more than 30 independently developed innovative technologies and more than 170 global patents they really are a powerhouse in the industry. 

We'll have more information about RELX and their product range added to the site regularly and sent out in our newsletter. Make sure you're signed up if you're not already (sign-up here).

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch with the customer services team.

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