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Apple iPhone XR Replacement Buttons

If you find yourself with broken or stiff iPhone XR buttons then you lose some of your device's integral functionality and it can have a severe effect on your iPhone's ease of use and aesthetic. A simple replacement button set is a quick and excellent value repair solution that can restore your iPhone XR to its best performing former self - both functionally and aesthetically.

Whether you need an internal Apple iPhone XR replacement flex or a whole set of replacement iPhone XR buttons, we have options to suit every colour iPhone model including red, white, black, blue, yellow, and coral. All of which are made using top quality materials with expert precision craftsmanship and come with a 12-month warranty included as standard.

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Buy Replacement Buttons for Apple iPhone XR

How do you install new replacement buttons on an iPhone 8?

To install replacement buttons on your iPhone 8 you will need to disassemble your phone, insert your replacement iPhone XR parts and reassemble the model - which does require a certain level of skill that may not be suitable for a beginner. This is why we offer a reliable send-in fitting service where you can purchase your spare replacement part and pay a flat rate for our expert team of repair specialists to fix your broken buttons for you at our UK warehouse.

How much do replacement iPhone XR buttons cost?

A full set of replacement iPhone XR buttons costs only £3.49 from us. Their low cost is no reflection of their quality, our replacement Apple iPhone XR buttons are made from leading standard materials and are expertly crafted to be 100% compatible with the Apple XR phone model.

Can you get replacement buttons for an iPhone XR in different colours?

At Repair Outlet, we offer replacement iPhone XR button sets in red, white, black, blue, yellow, and coral so that you can pick the spare buttons that accurately match the colour of your device. However, because of the flexibility that comes with purchasing spare parts - if you want to customize your iPhone and choose a different colour button set than your XR’s main housing then this is an option too! The functionality of the buttons won’t be affected, but you will have a unique looking iPhone.

What other services do Repair Outlet offer?

We provide parts and repairs for a range of iPhone and Android models to get your phone back to like-new condition. This includes iPhone XR replacement screens, iPhone XR rear glass replacement, camera replacement, replacement buttons and a number of other small parts.