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Apple iPhone XR Replacement Screws

Because of the small size of the iPhone XR, both the internal iPhone XR screws and the pentalobe screws that you’ll find at the bottom of your Apple iPhone are quite small and easy to misplace. If you lose just one screw during a repair then it can prevent you from putting your whole iPhone XR back together, and since the pentalobe screws are specifically designed for Apple products it can be tricky to get a high-quality replacement for - which is where Repair Outlet can help!

If you find yourself with a missing iPhone XR screw we have a whole range of replacement parts to buy specifically for the iPhone XR model. Whether you’re looking to buy a whole set of iPhone XR replacement screws or are searching for replacement pentalobe screws for the bottom of your Apple iPhone, we’ve got you covered.

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Buy Replacement iPhone XR Screws

What screws are there in an iPhone XR?

Since the iPhone 6 model, all iPhones including the iPhone XR have a sim card tray suitable for a nano sim, which means that you can swap sim cards between models if they are unlocked or on a network that allows you to do so.

An iPhone XR has a set of small internal screws as well as 2 easily recognisable pentalobe screws at the bottom which are exclusive to Apple products. You'll need to remove these screws for replacements including iPhone XR rear glass replacements, camera replacements and screen replacements.

You can buy a full set of replacement screws from us for only £1.99 or excellent quality Apple-compatible pentalobe screws for your iPhone XR in sets of 2 in either gold or silver depending on your device’s colour.

What screwdriver do I need to open an iPhone XR?

The two bottom pentalobe screws on an iPhone XR require a specific pentalobe screwdriver to be opened. Fear not, if you don’t have one already they are available to purchase in our basic repair kit for only 99p! If you own any Apple phone models, including an iPhone XR then a pentalobe screwdriver is a great tool to own.

How much do replacement iPhone XR screws cost?

Replacement iPhone XR screws are inexpensive and easy to replace, so if you are missing an iPhone XR screw or two there’s no need to worry. You can get top-quality replacement internal screws from us for only £1.99 for a full set, or for as low as £1.49 for a pair of replacement pentalobe screws. Replacement iPhone XR screws are cheap in price but have essential value in your iPhone reconstruction!