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Apple iPhone XR Touch Panel Replacement

If you’ve found yourself with an unresponsive iPhone XR screen then the root of the problem is likely a damaged or broken XR touch panel. This is the element beneath your glass phone screen that controls the calibration between where you touch and what your phone does. If you notice that a part of your touchscreen, or even the whole screen, isn’t working there’s no need to panic. Rather than replacing your whole iPhone, you can simply purchase an iPhone touch panel replacement from us - specifically designed for the iPhone XR.

The likelihood is that if you need to replace your touch panel, then your screen is probably damaged too, which is why we offer complete screen and digitizer iPhone XR replacements. Our screens range from a basic replacement to a genuine Apple screen replacement - both of which are equally great quality and value. And if you don’t feel confident replacing your cracked or damaged iPhone XR touch panel and LCD display assembly then you can send in your iPhone and our expert team will fit it for you for a reasonable fixed cost.

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Buy iPhone Touch Panel Replacement

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone XR digitizer?

Our iPhone XR replacement screen prices start at a very reasonable £54.99 with a genuine Apple screen replacement costing just £68.99. If you are confident fitting replacement parts yourself then this is a small price to pay for a fully refreshed iPhone XR touchscreen experience. Or, if you aren’t familiar with replacement touch panels, then you can send your iPhone to our team and they will complete a fully professional, expert replacement service for the fixed price of £70.

How long does it take to replace an iPhone XR screen?

When completed confidently by a professional repair provider, an iPhone XR screen replacement shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes - making it a relatively speedy repair to complete.

Why is my iPhone XR touchscreen not working?

There are 2 types of reasons that your iPhone XR touchscreen might not be working. There is either a technical problem with your iPhones system (which can be reset) or damage such as a dropped phone or water leaking into your screen has left the touch panel permanently broken - in which case you’d need a replacement iPhone touch panel for your touchscreen to function properly again.