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iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

The iPhone 7 Plus, like most smartphones, is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are powerful and rechargeable, but they degrade over time. Degradation may lead to reduced battery life or performance issues, and eventually, the battery may need to be replaced. In the iOS 11.3 update, Apple introduced a feature that allows the user to check the maximum battery capacity. They define an officially degraded battery as one with less than 80% of its official capacity. 

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If your battery capacity is low, it may be time to upgrade. At Repair Outlet, we offer a variety of battery replacements. Our batteries are of Aftermarket quality, meaning that we control the production process, from product development to manufacture. You can be sure of exceptional quality every time. All our batteries are thoroughly tested and match or exceed original Apple battery performance. They are 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications. 

Replacing an iPhone 7 Plus battery can be complex, so we recommend using our handy send-in fitting service. Get in touch with us today.

How it works

  • To ensure the repair is successful, we’ll need to test your device. Before sending it to us, restore the phone to factory settings. If you are unable to do this, we’ll need your passcode to access the device.
  • We’ll send you a parcel containing a cardboard box, a jiffy bag and a new mailing bag.
  • Put your device (we don’t need the charger or any other accessories) into the jiffy bag and seal it up. Put the jiffy bag into the box.
  • The mailing bag already has all our details on it. Put the cardboard box inside and hand the package to our driver.
  • Your device will be repaired and returned to you within two working days by DPD.


How much is a battery replacement?

Our iPhone battery replacements range between £7.49 and £8.99. Our Send-in Fitting service costs £70.00, plus the cost of the replacement part. We offer payment by Klarna and next day delivery across the UK. 

How long does an iPhone battery last before it has to be replaced?

According to Apple, lithium Ion batteries can be recharged fully 500 times before degrading to 80% capacity. The life of a battery, then, is dependent on how often it has to be charged. We recommend using the battery saver function on your iPhone 7 Plus to reduce degradation, keep iOS updated, and lower brightness where possible. 

Can I replace my iPhone battery at home?

It is possible to replace your iPhone 7 Plus battery at home, but we recommend using our send-in fitting service unless you are an experienced engineer. If you decide to replace the battery yourself, ensure to discharge your phone below 25% before beginning disassembly. Charged lithium-ion batteries may catch fire or explode if punctured. For optimum performance, recharge your new battery to 100% after completing reassembly. This will recalibrate the battery. 

What other services does Repair Outlet offer?

We offer battery replacement, front camera replacement, charging port replacement, LCD screen replacement and an extensive variety of other repairs and services. If you are looking to repair your own phone, or require wholesale parts for your own business, we offer a range of replacement parts. Trade purchases come with a lifetime warranty.