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iPhone 8 Charging Parts

Without the ability to charge your phone, your iPhone 8 soon becomes useless - and it's a rather common occurrence for a bent charging port to become a real problem for iPhone users, despite it being a fixable repair problem. 

We offer great quality spare charging parts, including replacement iPhone 8 wireless charging coils, charging port antennas and microphone flexes in either black, silver, white or rose gold, and the essential iPhone 8 internal charging chips required to restore your iPhone back to its former glory.

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iPhone 8 Charging Port Replacement

How much does it cost to replace a charging port on iPhone 8?

Depending on which element of your iPhone is broken, you can select the most appropriate iPhone 8 camera replacement part to complete your camera repair. For an iPhone 8 camera replacement, you don't necessarily need to replace every element of your camera so it's worth deciding on the best parts to buy to save you money and wastage. The cost of an iPhone 8 replacement charging port starts at as little as £6.99 - with new charging port parts available in white, black, rose gold and silver. Other internal replacement parts such as iPhone 8 IC charging chips or an NFC coil charging port flex are also great value with prices as cheap at £1.99 for excellent quality spare parts for your broken iPhone 8.

How do I replace the charging port on my iPhone 8?

Completing any internal repairs on your iPhone 8, including replacing the charging port or any element of it, involves carefully dismantling and reassembling your iPhone. If you aren't confident with making such repairs we do offer a reliable send-in fitting service for a flat rate where our expert repair team can perform the part replacement for you stress-free! If you'd like to take advantage of our send-in fitting repair service, you can add it to any of our replacement parts at checkout.

How do I know if my iPhone 8 charging port is damaged?

The most obvious signs of a damaged charging port are if you have to insert your charger at a certain angle for it to work or if you notice that the charging cable is slipping out of the port when being charged. Despite the panic you might feel when you notice that your iPhone 8 charging port is broken, you don't need to rush to buy a whole new handset as replacement charging port parts for an iPhone 8 are super easy to get hold of and start at prices as low as £1.99!