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iPhone XR Battery Replacement

If you've noticed that your iPhone XR battery has a shorter battery life than it used to, or just isn't charging or turning on at all, then it might be the case that you just need a replacement iPhone XR battery. Often people mistake the poor performance of their phone's battery life as an indication that they need a new iPhone altogether - this isn't always the case.

You can revive the performance issues of your iPhone XR by purchasing a replacement spare battery part from us to match your phone model. We offer great quality battery 2942mAh replacement pack options that are either Apple compatible or a genuine Apple service part - depending on your budget and preferences.

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Buy iPhone XR Replacement Batteries

When should I replace my iPhone XR battery?

After about 500 charge cycles you will need to replace your iPhone XR battery as you are likely to notice its performance and charging capacity deteriorating from there on out. If you start to notice signs of battery wearing/age prior to that, such as your iPhone shutting off unexpectedly or not holding its charge, then they're pretty clear indicators that it's time to replace your iPhone XR battery.

Is it common to have to replace an iPhone XR battery?

Poor battery life, as well as other battery issues, is one of the most common problems found in Apple products, especially on iPhone XR and even iPhone XS, so don't be disheartened if you think you need to purchase a replacement.

How can I be sure the replacement XR battery will work?

Having a reliable battery for your phone is imperative for a smooth day to day experience. For this reason, our replacement batteries are tested before being sold for the best user experience possible.