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100,000 Orders and we haven't even started...

100,000 Orders and we haven't even started...

What a week last week. We reached a massive milestone as a company and processed our 100,000th order! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we contacted the customer who placed the order, Robert from Cypher, to let him know that he would be receiving his order free of charge, as well as a personalised toolkit and workshop bundle. Here's what he had to say about it 

"A huge shout out and thank you for my free tools... I'd like to add that the trade plus that you guys offer has been a real lifesaver, it's basically the amazon prime for repair shops and has helped my business...".

Establishing Repair Outlet in early 2019, starting out with a team of three people in a poky little office in Nottingham and graduating to our new hi-tech warehouse and office complex. With a hard-working and dedicated team of staff, comprised of 20 plus employees and growing. We've grown our product offering from a measly 700 hundred SKU's to the staggering 8000 plus and counting that it is today. 

We know that this kind of growth would not have been possible without the amazing community that make up our customer base. From the small one-man bands to multi-shop operations, to the guy at home attempting to fix his first screen and all of those in between.

We are very fortunate to of been able to continue to grow our business through a particularly difficult time in the country. Whilst a lot of people have been unsure about job security, we have been able to create roles to help us keep up with the growth we've experienced. Talking to Tom Peet, our Business & Operations Manager he said:

"It's been a rollercoaster ride over the past few years, with the pandemic throwing up more than a few challenges. However, we've been really fortunate that the repair community is one that is supportive and has really given us a chance to bring something to the table, that differentiates us from our competition." 

Tom also expanded on the plans for the future of the business, saying

"Though it is important to celebrate milestones, the company is now very much focused on our 1,000,000th order and how we can continue to build and bring value to our loyal base of customers. Continuing to improve our customer services and provide support for this community we hope to continue to set ourselves apart from the competition..."

To celebrate this milestone we are offering free Hermes shipping on all orders over £50.00 on Saturday the 30th of October. Simply Use code MILESTONE. 

Thank you,

From all of the team at Repair Outlet.

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