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12 Best iPhone Hacks You Can Brag to Your Friends About

12 Best iPhone Hacks You Can Brag to Your Friends About

According to Statcounter Apple's market share, as of January 2022, stands at just under 54% of the total UK market.

With that many users playing with the operating system, it's a given that people are going to discover all sorts of things about the system. Not only are there things that are already there, but people have discovered ways to hack preexisting functions to improve the user experience. We stumbled across a thread in the r/iphone group on reddit, which had users sharing their favourite hacks, both the 'baked-in' and 'improvised' which they use to get the most out of their devices. Our repair team know these devices in and out from working with them all day, but even they didn't know about some of them. We've listed the most popular tips from the thread, check them out below.

    1. Save Literally Seconds Over Your Phones Lifetime...

      Never type your email again. Unfortunately the iphone will only automatically prompt your email address if the field specifies it. With these hack you can set up a text replacement, which takes a shortcut of your choosing and replaces it with your specified email address. you can set up a shortcut for all of your email addresses and shave seconds over the phones lifetime, which you can then use to do something productive.
    2. I can't handle the rejection...

      If you can't take the rejection from your face ID you can skip the whole process. This one's ideal for when you're wearing a face mask. Simply tap the the scanning animation to bring up the keypad. 
    3. We'll have less of that...

      If your iPhone's notification center is forever filled with alert, upon alert, do not fear, this hack helps you clear them in one fell swoop. Simply hold the 'X' in the notification center in any app's notification group and a 'Delete All' prompt will appear. 
    4. When you're all fingers and thumbs...Turn your spacebar into a trackpad

      If you're like me and are terrible at typing properly then this is the hack for you. Easily navigate your text by simply holding down on the spacebar. You can then move the 'Cursor' around as though it was a trackpad!
    5. What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator? "A friend you can count on"Delete the last character

      If maths isn't your strong suit and you're constantly using your calculator you can delete the character you've typed by holding down and swiping. This also works whilst dialing a number. Now I don't really know why you'd need this one, the delete button is literally pixels away, but you know, "something, something productivity"?
    6. Music to my ears...

      Music to my earsIf you simply can't get to sleep without listening to that Heavy Metal Playlist that soothes your anxiety, then this hack will save both battery life and a future filled with tinnitus. Change your alarm settings to "stop playing music" instead of sound to turn your music off after a certain amount of time. 
    7. Bring your messages to life!iMessage animations

      If you're still using iMessage, then you can spice up your messages with animations that play when the recipient opens the message. When you go to hit send, just hold down and a list of possible animations appears. This is one of those that you've probably happily lived without, but maybe it's good to spice up a birthday text?
    8. You tap my back...Backtap Shortcut

      Create your own shortcuts with the 'secret hidden button' built into the back of your iPhone. Head to your settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Backtap and you can set up a couple of different actions based on the number of taps. 
    9. Organising the Chaos...Organise the chaos

      If you've ever tried to re-organise your apps one by one, then I'm pretty sure you know how my colleagues feel sat next to me in the office... Painful and slow are the words I've heard uttered in hushed tones as I enter the room. To organise your apps a few at a time, simply hold down one of the apps you want until the icons jiggle and tap the other apps with a different finger to 'stack' them.
    10. PUnCtUaTE THiS¿!

      Punctuate this
      If swapping between the punctuation and standard keyboard is just too much for you, then boy do we have a haack for you! If you need to use punctuation, simply hold down the '123' button and slide your finger to the punctuation you need and let go, hey presto, you have punctuated your sentence. 
    11. Just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling...

      Just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling
      If you've ever found you've been scrolling forever, but can't remember something important from the top of, whatever it is you're reading, then you can 'shoot' yourself back to the top of whatever it is, by tapping the status bar or notch. 
    12. We don't recommend this one...

      bonus hack

      This one works great for when you don't need your phone anymore, or are desperate to break your screen. Just to be clear, we don't recommend trying this one, but if you do, you know where to go for your repair.

To be fair if you didn't know all of these don't be too hard on yourself and if we missed off your most important hack let us know on social via facebook or instagram. If you like what you've read here, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter below!

You can read the full thread on Reddit here.

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