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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Inspired by this reddit thread last week, we took a look at some of the strangest things found inside of repairs, with mixed results.

This week whilst checking out a couple of repair videos on YouTube, the good old algorithm targeted me with a video for a restoration. This was a restoration with a difference however, as it was a 30 year old Nintendo NES, that in all honesty, needed putting out of its misery.

Battered Nintendo NES

The State of this thing, it had clearly suffered in the past. Looking more like a plasterer's radio than a gaming system, yellowed, paint splashed and fag burned, with its insides barely screwed into place. It looks like the tech equivalent of one of the dogs from an advert by the RSPCA. You can check it out in the video below.

Like anything with YouTube, once you've watched one of these videos, it's so easy to fall down a rabbit hole of similar random and extreme tech restorations. From old gameboys, to not so old mistreated tech, such as PS4's and Xbox Ones. It really is impressive at how, with a bit of skill and a lot of patience, something that really belongs in a skip can be transformed into something that is essentially as good as new. 

All this does make you wonder though, much like Triggers Broom, what percentage of components need to be replaced before the thing you're repairing, ceases to be a repair and become something new....

Wow, got deep there didn't it. Anyway whats the most extreme restoration that's come through your workshop? Let us know by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram or by filling out our Contact Form

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