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That Does Not Belong There

That Does Not Belong There

Whilst browsing the r/Consolerepair this week, I stumbled across this thread. During a repair on a vintage Nintendo NES from the '90s, user shahrukhpro from Pakistan made the unusual discovery inside the console, of a picture that appears to be from a high school yearbook. After a bit of sleuthing it appears that the console is from Australia and given the age of the console it could be pretty old too.

It got us wondering about some of the weird and wonderful things that have been discovered or uncovered whilst doing a repair. it was brought up in a group chat with the team who work in the workshop. What followed is one of the most intriguing but disgusting group chats. We got a couple of standard answers that you'd expect, like hair and varying quantities of 'the Lord's lettuce', but below are some of the more surprising ones:

"Concrete... Lot's of concrete..."

"It appears the woman who had brought in the phone was trying to catch her boyfriend out. There was a small note squeezed between the battery and cover which said 'Please tell lady phone broke beyond repair'..." 

"Next to the battery in an iPhone was a fingernail..."

Image credit: Lampman


An honourable mention must also go to the member of the team, who said:

"I haven't come across anything spectacular, but I did once have an iPhone that had been shot by a crossbow..."

Don't forget that you can totally avoid having to make any of these discoveries, as we are able to do all repairs for you, in-house. Simply choose that option at checkout. We promise we'll keep any discoveries between us.   

What's the weirdest thing you've ever discovered whilst carrying out a repair? Let us know via social media on Facebook or Instagram, or you can send us an email at

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