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Trade Plus 6 Month Anniversary

Trade Plus 6 Month Anniversary

6 months ago now, we launched our 'Trade plus' initiative. This week we are taking a look at how it's already been a massive benefit to the customers who signed up and hearing from them about their experiences. 

Phone Repair Shop


 In the day and age of Amazon Prime and next day delivery, consumers are used to instant gratification and want everything now. We are lucky enough to have a team with lots of industry experience,  so we know how difficult it can be logistically, placing orders with suppliers, keeping your customer happy, but also managing the process to keep it economically viable. Combine this with the nearly unlimited number of makes and models, it's nearly impossible to hold stock of every single part for every phone. 

For a small subscription of £19.99 a month, being a Trade Plus customer removes the stress of managing all of this, and gives you the added benefits of 

  • Unlimited next day delivery, 
  • Later cut off time of 4 pm,
  • Priority support 
  • 5% discount across the store. 

You don't just have to take our word for it, we've spoken to some of our customers to see what they've said. 

"We decided to give it a go, to get the [Later] cut off. After a couple of weeks, we'd realised we'd placed an order most days and saved ourselves £5 delivery each time we had something delivered, it soon adds up..."
Simon, Phone repair technician

Repairing a phone

"We have a lot of customers kick off if they have to wait more than 24 hours for a simple repair, despite the fact they come into the shop late in the day. The extended Cut off time has been really useful for us."
Chris, Store Owner

If you want to register for a 'Trade Plus' account, you can do so by clicking here. If you still have questions then you can reach out to the team via your normal channel. Alternatively, you can click here.

Still not convinced? Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be giving you more reasons to become a trade-plus customer soon. 

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