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Which Phone Users Are The Most Accident-Prone?

Which Phone Users Are The Most Accident-Prone?

We’ve all experienced those frightful moments when you drop your phone on the floor and hear a smash, spill a drink on it, or pull it out of your bag and find it has a huge crack in the screen. But with some phone users finding this a more common occurrence than others, we wanted to find out just how likely you are to have these heart-drop moments depending on what brand of smartphone you have, as well as which exact model owners are the most clumsy when it comes to accidental damages.

Here at Repair Outlet, we used Google search data and UK mobile market share values to see which groups of smartphone users are most likely to find themselves accidentally breaking their phones. We’ve ranked the results in order of which users are most accident-prone, including the most common accidentally damaged model from each brand.

If you own a phone in the top 3 then you better make sure that you’ve got a good screen protector on because the chances are, you’re going to need it:


#1 Huawei

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Huawei P20 Pro (2018) - 1020 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Huawei users are officially the most accident-prone smartphone users in the UK! Compared to their market presence, Huawei had the highest number of searches for water damage, screen replacements, and ‘phone not turning on’ out of all the 10 brands. 

Specifically, the Huawei P20 Pro ranked Huawei’s top victim of user accidents, meaning that this group of phone owners are proven to be the most accident-prone of them all. 


#2 Samsung 

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017) - 2500 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Next on our list is Samsung, another popular household name that has found itself in the hands of a clumsy group of users. If you have a Samsung, particularly a Samsung Galaxy S8, then our study shows that you’re likely to end up reaching for the rice as water damage searches are at a high with this model! 


#3 Nokia 

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Nokia Lumia 800 (2011) - 360 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Notorious for being hardwearing, it’s interesting to see that Nokia users are actually just as prone to phone damages as the rest of us.

Despite their reputation, our study shows that Nokia users are very familiar with smashed screens, with Nokia Lumia 800 users being the most clumsy of all Nokia device owners.

#4 LG

Most Commonly Damaged Model: LG G6 (2017) - 310 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Compared to their overall market share, the proportion of LG users searching Google for accident quick-fixes was enough to rank them 4th in our study. 

Whilst LG users aren’t accident-prone enough to make it into our top 3, our study reveals that they’re still a pretty clumsy bunch, particularly LG G6 owners.


#5 Apple

Most Commonly Damaged Model: iPhone 7 (2016) - 3890 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Despite having a whopping 49.9% share of the UK’s mobile market, Apple rank a respectable 5th for users that accidentally break their handset

On average, there are 3890 iPhone 7 users searching for accidental damage related keywords every month. Which compared to how many people in the UK actually own an Apple smartphone, iPhone users on a whole aren’t doing too bad at keeping their device safe.


#6 Motorola

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Motorola Moto G6 Play (2018) - 650 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Below halfway down the list, Motorola users are safely in the half of the nation that can be considered more responsible phone owners. 

However, with 650 accident-related Google searches every month, Moto G6 Play owners are a little bit behind their fellow Motorola device owners in terms of keeping accident numbers down.


#7 HTC

Most Commonly Damaged Model: HTC U11 (2017) - 360 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Finding themselves at number 7, it’s HTC. Overall the data revealed that HTC owners are great at keeping their phones safe from water damage but there’s room for improvement when it comes to screen cracks.

With 360 monthly searches for HTC U11 mobile disasters, if you own this model then you’re the reason HTC isn’t lower on the ranking.


#8 Google

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Google Pixel 3A (2019) - 520 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

A lot more responsible than the competitor’s owners, Google phone users are in 8th place. Although they ranked high in the mysterious ‘phone won’t turn on’ category, overall Google users are great at keeping their device safe (apart from Google Pixel 3A users).


#9 Sony

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Sony Xperia XA1 (2017) - 290 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

Nearing the bottom of our rankings, Sony users can be considered a trustworthy community! Despite 290 accident-related searches a month from their most rowdy device users (the Xperia XA1), overall Sony devices are in very safe hands!


#10 Blackberry

Most Commonly Damaged Model: Blackberry Priv 8A1 (2015) - 90 Accident-Related Searches Every Month

And finally, the most responsible mobile phone owners of them all, Blackberry users! Considering their tiny share of the market, the people that do own a Blackberry are clearly treating their device very well.

Even the most-searched model, the Blackberry Priv 8A1, only had an average of 90 searches a month for accidental damage related queries,which we think is pretty impressive!

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