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Send-In Repair Service

Want a part but not confident in fitting it yourself? We offer a send-in fitting service.  We will collect your phone from you, carry out the repair and then send to back within 2 working days. 

To book a fitting service, simply add the part along with the fitting service to your cart. Once we have received your order we will contact you to arrange the collection of your device.

When booking our Send-In Fitting Service, we use a Reverse It Delivery service through DPD. This service drastically reduces the amount of time you are without your tech by ensuring that we can get it in our hands and get to work as quickly as possible.

We will send out all you need to safely return your electronics to us. When you receive the delivery, the driver will wait whilst you do your part, ready for the driver to take it away with them all in one delivery slot.

How it works:

We will package up and send out everything you need.
You will receive a parcel sealed in the mailing bag containing the following: Box, Jiffy bag for your phone or tablet and a new mailing bag with return label already attached.
With this service the driver makes their initial delivery with everything you need, they then wait up to 10 minutes, to give you a chance to do your bit.
  1. Open the mailing bag and takeout the box we sent to you.
  2. Slip your phone or tablet into the provided Jiffy bag. (Device Only. We DON'T need charger, box or any other accessories )
  3. Making sure you've taken out the new mailing bag from the box, Stick the jiffy bag containing your repair back into the box and seal it up.
  4. Slip the box into the mailing bag. This bag will already have all of the correct labels on it.
  5. Hand the package back to the driver.
  6. Treat yourself to a brew knowing that your goods are safely on the way to us.

What we need from you!

When booking the time slot for Reverse It delivery, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. As the driver will also be taking your repair away with them, please ensure that you have easy access to the repair you're sending back to us. The drivers are only allowed to wait for a maximum of 10 minutes and there's nothing they can do if you are going to overrun this. 

For us to fully test your phone, we’ll need you to erase your device and restore it to factory default settings. If this isn’t possible, then alternatively you can provide us with the passcode to access your device. For instructions on how to do this, simply search your device’s make and model along with the phrase “factory reset”. 

Once we have received your repair we will aim to get it fixed and back in the hands of DPD within 24 hours. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer services team using the details below.


Phone: 0800 970 9427