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The Breakdown of 2021

The Breakdown of 2021

A congratulations are in order, we've made it through 2021. After another year that resembled the upside down from Stranger things, we thought it would make sense to take a look at some of the achievements we've managed as a company.  Somewhat inspired by both Reddit and Spotify with their yearly recaps, we thought we'd give you our own take. We would like to present Repair Outlet's very own Recap!

We hit the ground running at the start of the year, enabling us to sell more than 220,000 products through our website alone! We've had to expand our team internally to keep up with everything.


One of our biggest goals this year was to increase our product offering. Our long term goal is to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of products in the industry. This year we made massive strides in regards to this, starting the year with just under 5000 SKU's we've more than doubled our product offering and are ending the year with more than 10,000 products listed, with more being added every day.

Of all of the devices that we offer spares for, the one that has the most spare parts available is the iPhone X. Totalling 75 different individual spare parts, we can confidently say, should you own an iPhone X and run into trouble, then we can most definitely help you.

Our industry is all about preventing e-waste and saving you money, by keeping the tech you own working and not buying new every time something breaks, you're helping to reduce e-waste. We've crunched the numbers and sales of spares for the top 50 devices this year alone have kept a phenomenal amount of waste out of landfill. This is a conservative estimate too.

Of all the phones the devices that have been repaired using our products, it seems that the iPhone 8 is the most commonly repaired. With more than 10,000 devices avoiding landfill this year. In all honestly all top 10 devices that have been repaired are Apple, with the closest competitor being Samsung, which occupies 11th and 12th place with the A21 and A51 respectively.

If you're anything like me then when someone says something like 10,000 Iphone 8's, it's hard to quantify exactly what that means. We've worked out that if you laid these phones out end to end, it would be longer than 4.5 Eiffel towers are tall, or equivalent to 445.5 African elephants stacked on top of each other. all joking aside, it's a crazy amount of phones and thats just one model!

One of our favourite graphics is this one. We've plotted the delivery areas of all of the parcels that we've sent out this year and it's generated this amazing looking graphic. You can see that we have customers in every part of the UK. We've only used the outward postcodes, so the locations aren't exact, but it does show that there is a good even spread throughout the UK.

Again we wanted to break this down further to help us get our heads around the information. So we did. the total distance travelled by our parcels is approximately 8129854 Miles. Thats the equivalent of travelling around the globe 327 times! Or to the moon and back more than 21 times! Again this is a mind blowing statistic.

Not only have our parcels reached far and wide, but we've also managed to keep you, our customers happy whilst doing it. On average, only 28% of customers who have a good experience with a business are likely to leave a review. Which makes us really proud of the volume of positive feedback we get from our customers. 

That's pretty much it for our re-cap, for now. We'll leave with my favourite fact below. In the meantime, we wanted to say a big thank you to our customers. We hope that 2022 is a good one for both you and your business, perhaps 2022 will be a little less like something from a dystopian sci-fi film.

From All of the team at Repair Outlet, Thank you!

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