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Apple iPhone 8 Replacement Screens

Replacing your broken iPhone 8 screen through the official Apple repair process can sometimes cost almost as much as a new handset, leading users to keep their cracked screens or purchase a new handset. If you’re looking for a way to make your iPhone 8 last as long as possible before it’s disposed of, a DIY or send-in screen replacement service could be the ideal choice.

Repair Outlet offers high-quality iPhone 8 screen replacements for a variety of budgets so you don’t have to compromise on quality for cost. Whether you choose a refurbished genuine Apple iPhone 8 replacement screen or one of our aftermarket models which are made to the same standard as the original, you’re sure to have a phone that looks good as new.

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As with all of the replacement screens that we offer, we aim to provide the best value iPhone 8 screen replacement cost in the UK, with the option to either use our iPhone repair service and send in your phone for a screen fitting or do it yourself for a great low-cost fix if you have the technical ability needed.

Our products also feature a 12-month warranty to give you confidence when carrying out repairs on your phone.

If you are just purchasing the LCD screen and digitiser, you will either need to transfer over other small parts like the LCD shield, front camera, earpiece and bracket or purchase these parts separately to replace them at the same time. Our screens do not include a home button or home button cable as the original cable hardware is required for touch ID to work.

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement Services - Your 2 Refurbishment Choices

Replacing your iPhone 8 screen yourself is a low-cost way of repairing your device if you have the know-how. It’s a popular choice for our customers that want the replacement screen sent directly to them hassle-free for a convenient and affordable fix.

To help with your DIY screen repair, we offer repair kits available to add on at purchase so that you are fully equipped to master your own phone repair.

2. If you don’t feel confident completing your iPhone 8 screen replacement yourself then you can upgrade to our send-in fitting service where our expert in-house screen replacement team can repair your mobile phone stress-free.

How Our Send-In Screen Repair Service Works:

  1. Select an iPhone 8 screen and select the fitting option
  2. Place your order online
  3. We will contact you to arrange collection
  4. Package your device securely
  5. DPD will collect the device from you and ship it to our repair shop next-day
  6. Our expert technicians will fit the part and test everything is working.
  7. We will then ship the device back to you same-day

The turnaround time for the whole repair process is around 3-4 working days from order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an iPhone 8 screen replacement cost?

Depending on whether you choose to replace your broken screen yourself the iPhone 8 screen replacement costs differ. You can purchase a great value iPhone 8 Replacement LCD Screen and Digitiser from us individually for a very reasonable £20.99. Or, if you don’t fancy DIY you can send your phone to us for a stress-free and fast front glass replacement by our expert team for an additional £70.

What is an iPhone 8 screen digitiser?

In basic terms, a digitiser is the part of the touchscreen below the glass that registers touchscreen interactions and sends instructive signals to your device so that it can function correctly. Without this component, your iPhone 8 screen replacement wouldn’t have any touchscreen ability!

What screen protection is best for an iPhone 8?

We offer a range of excellent quality iPhone screen protectors to suit different budgets. But for the ultimate protection, we offer the chemically strengthened Belkin SCREENFORCE™ InvisiGlass™ Ultra Screen Protector which is expertly tested for the best protection and flawless touchscreen experience so that you can have the ultimate peace of mind. 

How do I fix my cracked iPhone 8 screen?

If you’ve cracked your iPhone 8 screen then your best option is to purchase a new screen and digitizer to ensure that your replacement screen performs exactly as though it’s brand new. If you are confident that you have the technical ability then you can order an iPhone 8 screen replacement kit from us (with tools included) and complete your repair yourself. If not, then send your iPhone 8 to our repair centre and we'll do the hard work for you. 

Is it safe to use an iPhone with a cracked screen?

Without at least a screen protector, using an iPhone with a cracked screen leaves you at risk of getting shards of glass stuck in your fingertips as the tiny fragments can start to fall away at any time. As a short-term solution, a screen protector will protect against the risk of any glass falling out. But in the long term, a screen replacement is needed. 

What other replacement parts do Repair Outlet sell?

Repair Outlet stocks parts for almost every iPhone model available. Whether your iPhone needs a battery replacement, back glass repair, front camera or new charging port, Repair Outlet has everything you need to make your phone as good as new again.