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Take A Look Behind The Curtain

Take A Look Behind The Curtain

This week after a chat and a peruse of some embarrassing photos picturing the office from way back, we realised that many of you may order with us regularly but never get the chance to see how we operate. We thought we'd go into a bit of detail and offer an update on where we're at as a company, our plans for the future and how we're aiming to help our customers as we continue to grow.

Established in 2019, Repair Outlet has drawn on more than 40 years of industry experience to bring our customers everything and anything they need to run a modern repair business or consumer repairs.

Our business is all about our customers, with our Trade Plus account qualifying you for our best possible pricing and free next day delivery and our ability to source pretty much anything. We feel that these values set us apart from the competition.
Click here to find out more about our Trade Plus programme.

With expansion plans to our warehouse already underway, our range of products and services will continue to grow. We already have one of the greatest product offerings in the industry, but we won't stop until we can comfortably claim the top spot.

Alongside the rapid expansion of our warehouse, we're also expanding our office space, to accommodate our ever-growing team. From dispatch and warehousing to customer Services, marketing and development, we're constantly investing offer the best services possible for our customers.

Our fortunate ability to attract highly skilled and knowledgable technicians means that there is little to nothing that we can't repair in-house. Whether you need some help with micro-soldering or a repair that your workshop just isn't suited to, we will happily take it on for you.

If you haven't already seen it, we did a video showcasing both our team and location check it out below.

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If there are any aspects of the business you want to know more about, then please let us know.

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